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Throughout the year, the MAC organizes a list of cultural, humanitarian, diplomatic, sporting, and business events. Our social calendar has been recognized for its outstanding activities, especially our flagship events such as the annual Goodwill Gala, the Summer Party, and the Christmas Gala.


Numerous complementary events are added to the program throughout the year, in partnership with certain Monegasque entities aligned with the mission and vision of the Monaco Ambassadors Club.


The MAC offers its members an exceptional opportunity to connect and engage in dialogue with influential individuals in both the private and professional sphere. With a diversity that spans a wide range of interests, cultures, nationalities, and professional sectors — including artists, scientists, athletes, entrepreneurs, politicians, and diplomats — our club reflects the dynamism and generosity that have characterized Monaco's reputation for many years.

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Since the club’s inception, 13 individuals have been inaugurated as the honorary Goodwill Ambassadors of the MAC. Our Goodwill Ambassadors have shown outstanding merit in their fields, including diplomacy, politics, governmental positions, business, culture, sports, science and media. Francien Giraudi is our current Goodwill Ambassador, and was awarded the role in recognition of her deep investment in humanitarian work. Driven by a strong desire to help vulnerable children, she founded her own organization, "Les enfants de Frankie," on November 21, 1997, inspired by her personal story and with valuable guidance from Prince Rainier III of Monaco. 

Below is a list of the club’s Goodwill Ambassadors.

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